© 2015 By Jillian Youngbird

Bless your Heart is an interaction, a gift, and a community.

Jillian Youngbird offers participants a series of workshops to teach them how to make beaded quilt squares.
In exchange, Youngbird asks participants for a story, a recipe, or a skill that they learned from
someone important in their life like their mother or grandmother. Youngbird will compile these gifts into a book and recordings.

Youngbird will also collect the beaded quilt squares to make one community quilt. This quilt will be displayed along with the compilation of gifts.

Bless Your Heart is a collaborative project put together by Jillian and Reality Club, run by David Alpert.

Reality Club works together with open minds and compassion to explore reality through the
arts. Our past projects include a crystal growing party, a simulated interactive observatory,
making music with meteorological indicators, and a spacetime variety show in a garage. We
always collaborate, and our past partners include Future Total Group, Stray Cat Film Center,
Potluck, and Open House.